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Sustainable Luxury Copywriter
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"Let me take care of that for you"

You may be soon launching your dream project. You might already have built your brand and now finally take the time to give it the twist it needs to stand out.
In any case welcome!

Looking for the right concepts to convey your brand identity? Wishing to find a reliable copywriter to regularly offer tailor-made editorials to your audience ? Aiming for more sales but lacking the time or skills to please search engines and online readers?

Are you seeking differentiation, brand awareness, trafic conversion and clarity?

Let’s define together a cohesive storytelling and content strategy for every step of your project.

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Justine Grosset Copywriting & strategy

About me

Justine Grosset Studio d'Écriture.

- copywriter & authentic storyteller

I’m a French copywriter and content strategist based between Paris and Megève (yes my hometown is a tiny French alpine village close to Geneva Switzerland).

I studied in Lyon (France) and in Shanghai (China). After graduating from business school in luxury marketing, I started exploring luxury from the inside. I joined luxury fashion and watch & jewelry maisons such as Chanel, Chloé and IWC.

As a luxury product manager, then as global training manager, I traveled in the most amazing cities to meet with local retail, office teams and international clients. I relocated in Zürich for a while then moved back to France to finally take the leap and start my copywriter freelance career. 

I have always craved for a life where I could engage into cross cultural encounters, open my mind to new visions, learn and speak new languages.

Being fluent in French, English and Italian (my Chinese is long gone), it was clear to me from the beginning that not only would I support French brands selling abroad but also collaborate with International labels.

I offer copywriting and editorial consulting services in French, English and Italian. Every piece of content I create can be provided and/or translated in these languages.

So far, I have collaborated with luxury and Art de vivre brands and entrepreneurs based in France, Switzerland (Geneva, Lausanne, Zurich), Italy (Milan) and in the US (New York).

“I stand for projets matching ethics and aesthetics,
I surround myself with people driven by passion.”

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Editorial Consulting - Branding & Storytelling


Web & SEO Pages - Product Descriptions


Press Kit - Articles - Newsletters


Highly competitive and inspirational, fragrances, skincare or make-up require a distinctive communication strategy. Established brands and clean beauty DNVB are among my clients.

Copywriter Mode

I started my career in the luxury fashion industry and now support slow fashion brands and sustainable luxury labels in their content creation.

Copywriter Design
Art & design

Architects, designers, artists, galleries or media: they trust me to reflect their creative inspiration and promote their work.

Copywriter Joaillerie

Passionate about gems, craftsmanship and the symbolic dimension of W&J, I'm proud to advise many independent jewelers.

Copywriter Maroquinerie

Enhancing traditional leather goods craftsmanship or introducing biomaterials to a broader audience : I lend my words to established brands and innovative ethical labels.

Copywriter Entrepreneur

Creative entrepreneurs need to think about branding. Your name is your brand ! Trust me to promote it with authenticity and humility.

my Expertise

Sustainable luxury but...

I do way more than writing copies for brands telling their audience they will change the world. My words help those who genuinely do things right to stand out.

From fashion to jewelry, beauty to design and gastronomy or alongside yoga teachers and Art directors, I have built up a strong expertise in luxury, slow living and Art de vivre areas. 

I stand for projets matching ethics and aesthetics, I surround myself with people driven by passion…

…in whatever way that translates into your brand.

Ready to Start ?

Your project is unique and deserves my full attention. Feel free to share any information you deem useful. I will respond to your request within 72 hours to set a phone appointment and provide you with a customized quote.

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